Det Galaktiske Parti : Near Earth Asteroids


Wiki "Those NEOs that are asteroids (NEA) have orbits that lie partly between 0.983 and 1.3 astronomical units away from the Sun."Geological shape from powderlike substance in orbital traction.
Commonplace, this explains the potato shape of meteors. The comets however, are of more potent material and violent trajectorys.

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Wiki " In the United States, NASA has a congressional mandate to catalogue all NEOs that are at least 1 kilometer wide, as the impact of such an object would be expected to produce severe to catastrophic effects. As of October 2008, 982 of these mandated NEOs have been detected".


Speculation : The impact from a meteor of powder, rock or metal core, would be of minimal impact, because of asteroides rotational based entry into the Earth atmosphere. The atmospheric mass, will have maximum brake-up effect, the long circular trajectory will mostly burn or soften the metallic cores. It is believed that asteroid powder particles are in fact nurishing the clouds from the heliosphere dynamic, and polarize the clouds with a negative charge. The earth land of positive soil will easier attract rain and processed asteriod particles.




Wiki : Clouds in the Earth's lower atmosphere form when water collects on particles, but mesospheric clouds may form directly from water vapour[4] in addition to forming on dust particles.[5] The sources of both the dust and the water vapour in the upper atmosphere are not known with certainty. The dust is believed to come from micrometeors, although volcanoes and dust from the troposphere are also possibilities.

Atmosphere - The Karman Line 100 Km up

The Karman Line is where the Auroras are, Norhtern Borealis. In the 100 Km range. Solar energy enter here in particle washes, and paint pictires of electric charge. The sun rays lash out electrons from our upper earth atmosphere. Hence make the upper atmosphere electro positive ionized. In need of electron clouds, the particles turn to earth for stimulance. Where there are borealis, it will later be rain. So it creates a Low pressure ( lavtrykk ) on the terrestrian perspective. High pressure (høytrykk) is considered cloudless sky. Clouds are a constant atmospheric reaction, but on the conditions of polarity. From space, and from the earth. The rotation and liqud streams ( oceans and streams ) provide an earth to space polarity logic.


ExoSpace 250 - 500 Km

Particles can shoot out into space, if pushed. But gravity contains the valuable mass.



Current mechanisms of earth weather dynamic.