Det Galaktiske Parti : Crater Impact

Impact Crater

As the impactor asteriode or comet, enters the planet.
It acts like a hardbody, and plumps into the softbody planet material.
Comets are designed for entering and delivering complex packages of rare rock.
Asteriodes might be large stray collodials, or in orbit, like in our asteroide belt.

The impact zone distributes a diameter, called the ejecta rim. Whom is produced of shockwaves into the ground. The visible diameter, should resemble the impactor in size. And the clode, seals the wound with magma.
The force of the asteroide, once in compacting with the planet.
It turns itself "inside out" in the form of subsonic wave function.

In smaller impacts the molten rock goes deeper into the ground. But in larger impacts, the crystalline structures are formed in the spike of the midst of a crater.

I presume, the comet spreads its impact fragments, down into the magma flow of planets. And distribute the grinded mass, to the surface with volcanoes.
The mineral ores, are layered like smoke, inside the moutain walls.
And the material being distributed from the comet impactor are in an array of combinations. Diamond, Feltspat crystals and Quartz crystals. Nickel, Platinum, Cobalt. To name a few.