Det Galaktiske Parti : Continous Creation


In constant creation the universe is a pulsing one, a revolving unit, a balance of energy ball and a material ball. Gently fusing and nurishing, and then going apart, repulsion of its uniform body. then charging itself with absence of something, but a conservative of energy holds it together. When bouncing back again ito itself, the lone particles gets enritched with merge of energy, that the organic particle world likes.

The big bang is not true. The dark matter is not true. Dark energy is non existant. All that is not observed, can not be controlled of a mathematic model, that is based in something that does not exist.

Gravity, weight an illusion. Of particles own electric polarity attracts or refuse another energy atom or molecule. A dance of waves that repell or attract, a wave sum to describe the multi frequency wavelenght of each interacting tensor state. The Up, Down, and their compositions. Note that in even simple geometric solutions, lie the deepest most profound founds. That crosses the bridge of dimensions. Supersymmetric, atoms. See the stars. It a written message in the stars, a wave message see. ( 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ).We already have their names. The Grahl, the atom, the resonance, the angels, and the arches. the symphony of god is at hand.

Gravity is a sum of Particles Per Connected Mass, PPCM, the sum of each multifrequency, determine the gravitational pull. Sizes, an illusion. One can see through dimentions.


The Proton Grail. The proton can not come from the big bang. because where do protons go where they are disassembled from our world. Where do new hydrogen come from. Or does one suggest that they were all created at the same time ? Where does the proton come from, the one that makes the Hydrogen, the one that is fundamental father of all. The hydrogen atom. The one that makes all worlds from roaring suns, like the lion in the sky ! Explode and make sheets of grains for the whole universi, in molecular clouds. Now the universe has succeeded in making complex machines of construction matter. Complex Atoms.


But where does the Proton come from. What is light ? How does light work with the molecular cloud ? There are continous suns being stretched out of the volum field, Like the feet of a ant closing and opening ( concretizizing Democrit - material philosophy : Leukipp says, if it wasnt for the atom, you could see ants crawling over the sky.). Streading matter from the Quantum sheet. and they emit huge energies in large frequencies. The light energy consistant flow, is self resonating to sustain both ... As the light rays exit the suns surface, they materialize in som way like light. The light waves aresupposed to balance material particules into resonating in body resonance with light energy. The molecular clouds, are shaken int a propergating core. Like a steady fosset, attract wood in a bathe of water. The consistant wave attract particles on the gravitational disk accreation of flat 2D and so water plane to air density. the galactic disk share the same 2D plane characteristics. Like a round bath where two densities pull apart to form pureness in them selfs, when they find it they go together agin. The Jin Yang Principle. Unify and polariz. But always two distinct phases of energies. Electricity, is not of our world, it is beyond. How small is an electric current, a polarity, infinit small. In a crack of sound the whole universe wold emerge, the slightest tension, of static, an avalanche of waves.

Waves are the key, resonance is the only language. That we know from fractal dimensions. Let me explain, then you see a colour on a tree, it is a continous process from the egnition of a solar ray, beind reflected and refracted thehrough space, and going into the tree element, then reflecting to your eye. How many rays are there not. ? From easy logic we can draw innumerable lines through one point in space, on a blackboard, but only one line between two points (explained by Plato ) This is the fractal knowledge between the one and the two, the infinit numbers of true synbolic nature. Three is a consistant form, with a well of degrees to fashion. But all resonate on the triangular phase of nature comminication. If you want to communicate a triancel, you have to use three operators. And four and so on. the fracal vision is a way to see through all occurrances of one thing, in all lands, in all people, for all that lives, a thruth is the truth. It is 1. 2. 3.

Lets not get ahead of ourselvs. Every one can see the truth but hwo dares, to say. Who dares to tell. I saw it.

Even dissonans is allowed in the infinit wave loop. And hence the geometry has got its names. The Angels, the Arch, and the Grahl. Cathod Grahl. The ancient egyptians knew, and described it as magic. And that is what it is. True for all is there in purest form, the energys, the layers and sheets of the universe, the harness, the journey, the pleasure of being alive. The gift the miracle of seeing with two eyes. To see Gods work in true fashion. Tears in my eyes, and light in my mind. The light box, It works like a lamp. Thank you everybody, who made my life worth while. The honour of seeing you is of the greatest of gratitude. I wish you love, and to taste happiness, before you leave.


Electricity works like walls. and divide energys apart or togeher. The energys can be seen as waves to for theoretic assumption. Like a multi dimensional form, like us in 3d + animation time 4D, and with the thinking mind, as it travels in conceptional time 5D preposition. A formula can be explained in a 2D paper, because all fractals are true, and can be simplified by dividing their resonant factors, a 2 d object can concept a 3D and a three D can concept of 4D. So if the concept is true for a 4D person in 5D it is also true for the 3D person who has theories for 4D. All fracal dimensions are true. A 4D person will still use 1 for one ston, one wave and one planet, and two for two planets. The language is true for all species in the universe. Hence the ultimate communication tool. We can coommunicate with all beings on all levels by seeing into their world, using fractal goggles. A planet, an atom. Waves interact with all matter, and matter reacts with the pulse. It absorbes energy for its nurishment of the atomic wave resonance.

The black hole is an example of this. When it attracts mass, it is with super sonic, super luminious speed waves, so small and fast, with so much rotational tracktion that it catches the atom, and squeezes it out, popping the banana peel, and the elementary particles escape as peanuts or gamma.radiation ( two phase black hole curl the atom into a double lenghty decreasin diameter as it winds down, but grows (weaker closer or stronger ? Weaker ...?) Stronger toward the center, the particle can not withstand the swueeze and pops. The waves have no lower sice, they can be smaller than atoms, since the electric polar energy is more fundamental than perticles, wom are a product of discrete creation.


. In the gamma analisys The soul force of the ray, is the mathematical derivation of the total wave emission in microseconds, that the actual proton plasma fuse or emits rays, some are fast and short, some are assumed longer. How long can a light ray be, before it is broken and shifts to a more nutricious state of the plasma sheet. A isolated proton fusion produce a max lenght of one gamma omni burst wave of a delta size. It can not go on forever, the atom has finit energy before it breaks down. And returns to discrete layer. How many wavelenghts does it produce ? the Gral of the atom is the calculi of the energy soul formula of the proton emission. from this mathematic conception one can see the waves future, how far it has gone in space, where it emitted, where i has bee refracted, hypothetically. the future can be predicted with perfect in linear light emission, because it is already a way to describe it it is easy to see.


Since all matter are composed of discrete light, specified as the Strong Force, light is the same fractal knowledge as different sounds in a play, or different colours in a picture. Molecule is on the universal palette. So you can paint atoms ! The Up Up Down Proton configuration is a stabile configuration, based on the MeV observation of energy resonance in wave loop resoances. The Up loop is half the color loop of the Down. Up 2,4 MeV + Up 2,4 Mev - Down 4,8 Mev = 0. the waves add up, all others are in harmony but stabile resonators for a short time, or neutron a power resonance carrier. The neutron is UDD 4,8+4,8-2,4=7,2 however it still resonates in its own construction, And since it is consistant of two Up, and one down. The neutron buldup is a mirage of the proton. think of all unites as squares, the UUD is a 1 quare in a matrix 2*3. The proton matrix. The one I call Golden Minor.

The Neutron matrix is of hologen nature of imaginary resonat alikeness to the proton. Where the two small squares are engapsuled in lenght diameter of on down wuark MeV diameter. In the neurtron the two Down wuarks are like the two ups in the Minor matrix, an a hypothetical up qhark is movin in on encapsulating diameter of the two now down quarks. It is held in a dimensional wave shell. A small Up is encapsulating two big down becaus they share the same string. the same diameter resonance in strong power color.


What is the proton, how come the cosmic voids. The waves are an infinit language that is represented in the snake, biting its tail. The Orm. The snake is in itself a symbol of wisdom, and the snake is a fraktal symbol of the wave. the snake is a spiral and moves in waves. That is why the snake is considered wise. It is knows the secret of the wave. This also knew the ancients.